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Why Your Yeast Infection Should Be Evaluated By Your OBGYN

Kennesaw Gynecology

As most ladies know, yeast infections are quite common. You know you have one when you suddenly get that burning sensation when urinating and a discharge develops. You’ve had recurring bouts that you have successfully treated at home, so what might be some reasons why your yeast infection should be evaluated by your OBGYN?

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Why Is My Menstrual Cycle So Irregular?

Kennesaw Gynecology

No two women are exactly alike, and in many cases, the same goes for menstrual cycles. There are some parameters within “normal” among women concerning our period, but sometimes there are specific anomalies. If you’re wondering why your menstrual cycle is irregular,

woman struggling with endometriosis

Is There A Cure For Endometriosis?

Kennesaw Gynecology

Is there a cure for endometriosis? Sadly, it is a chronic condition with no cure as of today. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available you can discuss with Kennesaw Gynecology to help reduce the symptoms of this very common condition.


Why You Should Never Skip A Mammogram

Kennesaw Gynecology

One of the simplest and easiest ways for women to stay on top of their health is to have a mammogram starting at age 40 and each year thereafter. It takes just minutes, results are relatively quick, and it gives you a feeling of control over your life.