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Could My Painful Periods Be Endometriosis?

Kennesaw Gynecology

Having pain during monthly menstrual cycles is nothing new or unusual for women. However, having significant pain which makes daily activities impossible is something entirely different. If you are having more pain than usual, it might be time to find out what is going on.

Post-Menopausal Bleeding: Should I Be Concerned?

Kennesaw Gynecology

If you’re experiencing post-menopausal bleeding, you may be wondering if you should visit your gynecologist. In a word, yes, you should be concerned but not panicked. There is usually no pain with post-menopausal bleeding, but regardless of the color or amount of flow,

Woman looking at bone density results

Should I Get a Bone Density Test?

Kennesaw Gynecology

Wondering if you need a bone density test? For the most part, if your physician has ordered one or recommended one, then yes. It means there are risk factors that can contribute to issues surrounding the strength of your bones. If your physician has not recommended it,

Vaginal Smear.

Things That Can Cause an Abnormal Pap Smear

Kennesaw Gynecology

Women routinely have Pap smears during their well-woman appointments typically every three years until they are age 65 and older. Once results have been reviewed, if there is anything out of the ordinary, Kennesaw Gynecology may call to inform you the test was abnormal and discuss next steps.

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How to Manage Vaginal Dryness

Kennesaw Gynecology

A decrease in estrogen is one of the main reasons for vaginal dryness, although there are other reasons as well. It can occur at any time in a woman’s life, but is noticed especially during menopause. It makes sexual intercourse uncomfortable and even impossible.

Woman researching fibroids.

Fibroids: Myths vs Facts

Kennesaw Gynecology

There are many misconceptions about fibroids making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Let’s start with the facts. One half of American women will develop fibroids by age 50. You are 3 times more likely to develop fibroids if your mother or grandmother had them.

Uterus made of flowers.

Endometrial Ablation: Your Questions Answered

Kennesaw Gynecology

Women who bleed between periods, have a very heavy flow, or experience periods that last longer than normal may be candidates for endometrial ablation. This procedure removes the endometrium or lining of the uterus. Endometrial ablation: your questions answered.

Menopausal woman doing yoga.

PCOS And Menopause: What You Should Know

Kennesaw Gynecology

If you are nearing menopause, there are many subtle and not so subtle changes that await you. If you also have PCOS, a hormonal disorder, you may wonder if it will end once you reach menopause or even perimenopause. PCOS and menopause: what you should know.