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Woman with fatigue from fibroids.

Managing Fatigue Caused by Uterine Fibroids

Kennesaw Gynecology

Maybe you thought your fatigue was due to all of life’s daily grind, plus picking up the kids from after school activities, grocery shopping after a day of work, and then of course, laundry, cooking dinner, playing peacemaker, cleaning, and wearing multiple hats.

Woman discussing with her doctor.

Could A Stomach Bulge Be Fibroids?

Kennesaw Gynecology

When are you due? It’s a question asked by many friends and relatives when you are pregnant. However, if you are asked that question, and you are not pregnant, it is embarrassing and disheartening. If you are walking around with a larger than normal stomach,

Young woman talking to her doctor

Why Your Yeast Infection Should Be Evaluated By Your OBGYN

Kennesaw Gynecology

As most ladies know, yeast infections are quite common. You know you have one when you suddenly get that burning sensation when urinating and a discharge develops. You’ve had recurring bouts that you have successfully treated at home, so what might be some reasons why your yeast infection should be evaluated by your OBGYN?

woman holding calendar tracking menstrual cycle

Why Is My Menstrual Cycle So Irregular?

Kennesaw Gynecology

No two women are exactly alike, and in many cases, the same goes for menstrual cycles. There are some parameters within “normal” among women concerning our period, but sometimes there are specific anomalies. If you’re wondering why your menstrual cycle is irregular,