Vitamin Deficiencies


This is defined by a level of a lack of a vitamin or vitamins needed for good health.

The issue of Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency has been studied more frequently lately and it used to be thought to be more prevalent north of the 40th latitude.  However, when tested for, this vitamin is commonly low especially in cold winter months and is essential to raise to more appropriately level.  Low Vitamin d has been shown to cause fatigue, depression, joint aches, and poor bone health.  Chronic vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency over time has been associated with cognitive decline.

Vitamin D not only needs to be taken whether by diet or supplementation, but also its absorption requires sunlight.  This is where it gets a little peculiar.  Vitamin D requires sunlight to be absorbed but it is activated by the kidneys.

Vitamin B 12 

Normal levels of Vitamin B-12 typically are between 232-1245.  During an annual exam at Kennesaw Gynecology, we often ask if you would like to be tested for this level.  B-12 is an important vitamin in promoting the formation of red blood cells, decreasing fatigue, nurtures healthy immune and central nervous system performance and improves an overall sense of well-being (decreases depression).

At Kennesaw Gynecology, we offer B-12 shots that are five times the concentration of a normal B-12 shot to assist in getting you back to the mid-range of B-12 levels and feeling good. This is especially true if you are on the very low end of normal or deficient.   In addition, we also offer B-12 shots in combination with other ingredients (read below).

MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) 

These are lipotropic natural substances that assist the body in fat metabolism as well as carbohydrate metabolism. They minimize fat deposition especially in the mid-section and help give energy and boost your endurance.  Furthermore. they can decrease cholesterol, minimize hair loss, decrease mental fog, and also can cause a sense of well-being.  If you are on a weight loss path, this is a great adjunct to aid in your weight loss goals.  Adding B 12 with MIC will give added stamina for exercise as well.

Methionine – decreases cholesterol, help clear liver
Inositol – decreases hair loss, decreases cholesterol, minimizes fat distribution in the mid-section
Choline – Improves mental clarity and functioning, helps keep immune system healthy; detoxifies liver, in turn, preventing fat from being trapped there

If interested in any of these injections, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.  We offer:

  • B12 MIC
  • MIC
  • 5x B12
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