What to Do When You Can’t Get in the Mood

For many men and women, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for sex. Human sexuality and arousal are incredibly complicated and can be impacted by a combination of mental, emotional, and physical issues and sometimes even health problems.

At Kennesaw Gynecology in Kennesaw, Georgia, our gynecologist Dr. Angel Paas and our staff offer several treatment options for both men and women experiencing sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive, menopause, or other health issues.

Why you might be having trouble getting in the mood

Pinpointing the exact reason for the loss of desire for sex can be difficult and depends on the underlying causes. Sometimes there’s a medical explanation, like the significant drop in estrogen levels that women experience with menopause. Sex can become painful or uncomfortable, causing some women to lose interest in having sex. 

In men, erectile dysfunction makes it difficult or impossible to maintain an erection long enough to have sex. Like women, men can also experience hormonal imbalances caused by a drop in testosterone levels which can affect libido. 

Other issues that can make it harder to get in the mood for sex include:

Psychological and emotional factors like stress and depression can also affect physical health as well as sexual health, especially in older men and women. Even common problems like incontinence or weight gain are often enough to make the idea of having sex too embarrassing and difficult.  

When to get help

Contrary to popular belief, losing interest or experiencing difficulties with having sex is not a normal part of the aging process. Sexual health is an important part of overall health and wellness for both men and women, especially as the body begins to experience changes and drops in hormone levels in midlife. 

Everyone is different, but if you’re concerned about or experiencing symptoms that are interfering with healthy sexual activity, Dr. Paas and our team can help.

If you’re experiencing ED in men or lack of desire due to hormonal changes caused by menopause in women, you may be a good candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or bioidentical testosterone pellets.

If you’re having trouble getting in the mood, rest assured that you’re not alone, and help is available!

For more information about the treatment options available for sexual health issues, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paas, or book an appointment online.

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