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Common Causes of Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is something most women are familiar with. It can be sudden and sharp, or ongoing and achy. There are many conditions that can cause pelvic pain, but here are the most common ones.

Oct 1st, 2019
Family History Updates: “Should I tell my provider?”

Unlike Las Vegas, what happens within the family shouldn't stay within the family. At least this is true as it applies to medical changes in relatives. Sharing this information with your healthcare provider is of utmost importance.

Jul 5th, 2019
Why Our UltraSlim Weight-Loss Program Works

We know it can be hard to lose unwanted fat, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Our UltraSlim® system is clinically proven to melt away unwanted fat in one visit without exercise or downtime.

Jun 5th, 2019
PMS: Is this real?

Most women have either heard or used the term “PMS” in the context of their menstrual cycle.

May 1st, 2019
Pelvic Pain: “Is this important?”

Pelvic pain is a very important concern to address with your gynecological provider. For women, there are many different etiologies of pelvic pain that can range from infection to pregnancy complications.

Feb 1st, 2019
Menstrual Cycles: “Is my bleeding normal?”

The clinical definition of a normal menstrual cycle by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is a cycle that is consistently 24 to 38 days apart (this is known as the “menstrual cycle”) with bleeding that lasts up to 8 consecutive days..

Jan 1st, 2019
Smoking: Should I quit?

Today, over 13% of women in the United States smoke cigarettes. Previous research has proven that cigarette smoking contributes to the development of many cancers and can weaken an individual’s immune system.

Dec 1st, 2018
What is bacterial vaginosis?

BV stands for “bacterial vaginosis” and occurs when there is a proliferation of bacteria that changes the environment of the vagina.

Nov 1st, 2018
What Is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection and is often asymptomatic. If a woman does have symptoms, they usually notice an excessive amount of discharge (sometimes can be described as “frothy” or green), vaginal itching, pain with intercourse or..

Oct 1st, 2018
HSV: Herpes Simplex Virus

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a sexually transmitted infection that consists of two strands: HSV-1 and HSV-2. The virus is often characterized by recurrent, painful vesicular eruptions of the skin and mucosa in the area of infection.

Aug 1st, 2018
HPV and Pap smears: What do these tests mean?

When a woman turns 21, it is recommended she see a gynecologist for her first Pap smear. This screening test assesses the cells on the cervix in an effort to identify any changes from HPV.

Jul 1st, 2018